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Pilar Gaspar started painting while in her native country of Guadalajara, Mexico. In the oncoming years she studied interior design but felt she needed something more creative and challenging, she became interested in art. She studied many art techniques including the application of gold leaf, leather work, wood engraving. When she moved to Madrid in 1980 she began her studies in the Acedamia de Artists and Oficios including the working of leather. In 1990 she was trained by the renowned Chordi Cortes, a religious painter from Valencia, who taught her the techniques of egg tempera from the antique ways favored by the traditional Russian icon painters of the past.
Over the years she has continued to gain commissions for silverwork and gold leaf techniques reproducing her icon paintings.
"My love of painting began when I was 15 years old and it was the old paintings that gave me the inspiration to explore the realm if the icon painters, particularly those of the Russian Orthodox Church - There was something that attracted me to those icons, the colours, the style, the perspective and the religious message".
"In 1985 I moved to England where I found an interest in English Watercolours and oil painting, it was good to have a change in style as it gave me a new beginning."

My recent work includes watercolours and oils of a more contemporary nature from landscapes to still life.

I accept personal commissions for painting icons (either copies from originals or completely new) - I can be reached at (e-mail HERE )

Some examples of my icon paintings can be found HERE

Some examples of my watercolours can be found HERE